This stunning one day experience includes visits and tastings in the most authentic Tokyo’s neighborhoods, discovering temples, visiting artisan shop, tasting traditional food while sightseeing the beauty of the city every day life with your own private guide.

Prepare your palate for the most amazing flavors! You will be in one of the most local area of Tokyo , home of many artisan and ancient traditions.


The Old Tokyo


What is included

  • Tour Guide during all the experience
  • Traditional meal
  • Transportation during the tour (via Pubblic transportation)
  • Local specialities tasting
  • A little gift as a memory of this experience

What is not included

  • Transportation to and from the  the pick up and drop off Area
  • Snacks and Drinks out of the planned tastings and meal
  • Tickets out of the planned visits
  • Tips


Itinerary and Highlights

In rare and unpredictable event the itinerary schedule may change. Notwithstanding that  all the booked activities will be provided.

h 9.30

Pick Up at your Hotel and ready to go

h 10.15

Arrival to the  Nezu Jinja Temple.

After the visit we enjoy a walk across the “Sendagi” neighborhood where more then 70 temples and characteristics Santuaries are located.

h 11.45

Visit of local Artisan Shop such as atraditional handmade papermaker founded in 1864.

This Artisan is part of 53 artisans’s association that are fighting to preserving their traditions trought the ages and modern times. Traditional Shop Association’s members must be operative since 3 generation and more than 100 years

We will taste the Senbei, a traditional Japanese snack made of glutinuos rice. They are available in different shape, dimension and flavours. Usually is salty. This shop was founded in 1875 and is famous for their Senbei specialities: soy (shouyu-senbei), chili pepper (tougarashi-senbei), green tea (cha-senbei) and sweet (ama-senbei).


h 12.30

Enjoy a traditional Soba/Udon meal  in one of the historical Tokyo restaurant founded in the 1958 that is still preparing handmade pasta using buckwheat to preserving the tradition and ancient flavours

h 14.00

Visit to the Shopping Street  “Yanaka Ginza”, where are locatedmore than 60 Artisan shopasome of the best Street food shop in Tokyo

We will visit Kanekichien (金 吉 園) a tea Shop where while we will taste some delicious tea they will teach secrets about how to prepare an appropriate tea cup and the way to enjoy  it at the best.

h 15.00

Visit to Kanonji Temple and its original walls of the Edo’s time, a very suggestive walk across the  Yanaka cemetery, famous for its wonderfull cherry flower that in april are entirely covering all the pathway; that’s why the main road is called Cherry flowers Road .

h 16.00

Little Walk to  reach the Ueno Park, founded in the 1873, on the ground owned by the Kan`ei-ji Buddhist Temple  after the merging process of the Mejii Renewals’s Occidental practices .

The Park is home of several museum and a special place to enjoi the cherry tree flowering. The park iand his attraction is counting more then 10 milion tourist per year being one of the most important pubblic park in Japan.


h 17.30

Walk across the Ameya Yokocho Market , where we can buy traditional goods and food



h 18.30

End of the Old Tokyo experience close to the  Keisei-Ueno station