Traveling with Nostrale Tour

What is Nostrale Tour?

The NOSTRALE TOUR experience is all about stepping outside of your daily life and exploring the world around you. Your tour will focus on cultural immersion and making connections along the way—either through chatting up locals or sharing experiences with tour mates. It’s easy to relax and enjoy your trip with the support of our knowledgeable Tour Directors. This team of local experts brings the already enlightening experience of world travel to the next level by drawing on their knowledge of local culture and customs

What kind of hotels do you use?

Before we book a hotel for our travelers, our team visits it and inspects it from top to bottom. A hotel makes the cut when it meets our standards for comfort, value, location and that little bit of flavor that can turn a stay into something unique. Rest assured that all of the accommodations we pick feature a private bath or shower (we love European charm, but we can do without shared showers), and all hotel taxes are included in the price of your tour. Most of our hotels are B&B and boutique hotels. Always with hight quality. 

Can I choose from a list of hotels to stay in or do you select the hotels?

We want to make your stay as simple as possible, so picking your hotel is part of what we provide. Our team not only scouts out local hotels, but we also handle all hotel arrangements for the group. The final hotels you will be staying in will be available in your tour program about 30 days before you depart.

I have special meal requirements. Can you accommodate me when I am on a tour?

Food allergies, needs or preferences shouldn’t keep you from seeing the world. Just notify us of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking and we’ll make sure that your Tour Director is made aware and can provide options for you.

Does Nostrale Tour accommodate physically challenged travellers?

We want everyone to be able to explore the world with us, and we encourage the participation of physically challenged travellers. Still, the reality of world travel is that some sites are not accessible to everyone. Give us a call to talk to a Tour Consultant about any physical disabilities or limitations and they can help you choose the best itinerary for you. If you require dedicated assistance, we ask that you plan to travel with a companion who can help out.

How many travellers are on a Nostrale Tour?

Thanks to our Right Size Advantage, all groups are capped at 7 travellers we try to keep exclusive. We determine the optimal group size based on the type of experience travelers will have on that specific tour. For example, when your trip takes you to remote natural landscapes, you can expect a smaller group that allows you to travel to hard-to-access locales and stay in authentic lodging options. While other tours—like visits to bustling European capitals—can comfortably accommodate more travelers.

Why should I care about group size?

Group size impacts making connections with fellow travellers and your Tour Director, access to local culture and remote natural landscapes, and the overall ease and comfort of traveling with a smaller group. We determine the ideal group size for each adventure, which—unlike the industry standard of 45 travelers—never exceeds 35 travelers. We are open to any request. 

Does the Right Size Advantage mean increased tour prices?

No. This service does not impact our tour prices and we still stand by our Best Price Guarantee.

Do I need to join the group for all the included guided tours?

Your tour is exactly that: yours. If your itinerary includes a guided tour, but you’d prefer to spend your time doing something different, that’s perfectly fine. Enjoy your time however you like! Just be sure that you meet up with your group in time for any transfers between cities.

Is it possible to combine two or more of your tours?

Absolutely. In addition to customizing your tour with our pre- and post-stay extensions and optional excursions, you can also combine multiple tours into one amazing adventure. You can even earn significant discounts when you travel on multiple tours back-to-back. If you are interested in combining multiple tours, contact one of our Tour Consultants and they will help you create your ideal itinerary.

What airlines do you usse?

At the moment we don’t have a booking airline ticket service. 

Can you help me get from the airport to my hotel if I book my own flights?

If you decide to book round-trip flights for your tour on your own or you’re going to change your fly to other destination, let us know when you will be arriving and departing. We can arrange transfers between the airport and your starting and ending hotels for $50 per person, round-trip. Please call a Tour Consultant for more information about your transfer options. Remember, when you book your flights with us, transfers between the airport and your hotels are included.

How many pieces of luggage should I bring with me? What are the weight limits?

Traveling light is always a good idea. We recommend that you bring a maximum of one carry-on and one piece of checked luggage. This makes it much easier to get around, and ensures that everyone in the group will have space for transporting luggage on the bus. Some airlines may charge for checked baggage, so contact the airline directly or refer to its website for detailed information regarding their baggage policies and weight limits.

Are your travel dates flexible? Can I fly ahead of time or stay afterwards?

Customizing your tour starts with choosing the dates that work for you. If you’d like to spend time on your own before or after your tour, we’re happy to help make those arrangements. Just make sure you work with your Tour Consultant to finalize your itinerary before your final payment is due, as additional costs may apply.

How many seats are on your motor coaches? Can I request seat assignments?

Most motor coaches have seating capacity for between 7 and 10 people. Transportation for our tours will be in seven-person tour vehicles. We do not assign seats on the motor coaches. In fact, in order to ensure that all travelers have the opportunity to fully enjoy the scenery during bus rides, we ask that our customers mix it up and rotate their seats daily.

Do your motor coaches have air conditioning and restrooms?

All motor coaches should have air conditioning, and most have restrooms. We also stop every two hours on longer transfers to give everyone time for a bathroom break and to stretch their legs.

Should I tip the tour director, bus driver and local guides?

At the conclusion of your tour, it is customary to offer your NOSTRALE TOUR Tour Director and driver a gratuity. We recommend tipping in your tour country’s currency, the equivalent of $3USD/CAD per person per day for your driver and $6USD/CAD to $9USD/CAD per person per day for your Tour Director. If applicable, we also recommend the equivalent of $2USD/CAD per local guide. Tips can only be paid in cash. Please keep current local currency exchange rates in mind when tipping. The cost of porterage is included in your tour price, and it is not necessary to tip baggage handlers. However, any tips to service people on tours are not included.

Reservations & Payments

When should I make my reservation? Can Nostrale Tour hold a spot on a tour for me?

If you have your heart set on a certain tour at a certain time (and at its current price), we recommend you make your reservation as early as possible – six to nine months in advance is a good rule of thumb. If you would like us to hold a spot for you while you work out the details, take advantage of our flexible payment program with a 72-hour risk-free deposit. To reserve a place on a European land tour, a deposit of $500 per person is required. To reserve a place on  Special Event Tour, Customized Tour, a deposit of $750 per person is required.

What if the trip I have my heart set on is sold out?

Just because a tour is sold out doesn’t mean there aren’t a few options for getting you onto the tour of your dreams. If we can make it happen, we will. Please call a Tour Consultant at Skype NOSTRALE  They can try to accommodate your request or let you know about newly added departure dates that might work with your schedule.

Can I transfer my reservation to someone else?

Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer reservations between travellers due to airline security restrictions.

What is Nostrale Tour's payment schedule?

In one word, our payment schedule is flexible. All that’s needed to book a tour is a deposit of $300 ($450 for non-European land tours, Special Event Tours, Golf Vacations, Land & Cruise Tours or Customized Tours). You can pay the rest of your balance at your own pace, just log into My Account and pay as little or as much as you want at a time. The final payment due date is 70 days prior to departure for most tours, and 90 days prior to departure for Land & Cruise Tours and Customized Tours.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Master Card and personal checks and money orders.

When is my final payment due?

Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. 

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly suggest that you purchase our traveler’s insurance for $199 per person payable with deposit. It is very important that you protect yourself in case of trip cancellation/interruption, travel/baggage delay or loss of baggage and medical expenses. 

Travel Documentation

Do I need a visa to travel?

Most countries in Europe do not require U.S. citizens to purchase an entry visa more information on what is needed for entry requirements, as they may vary. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa on their own directly through the embassy as our recommended visa service.

Nostrale Tour Traveller Benefits

Is there an advantage to travelling more than once with Nostrale Tour?

The NOSTRALE TOUR community of travelers is bound by the love of travel. Chances are that you’ll make friends on tour that you will stay in touch with long after the tour is over. And the benefits go beyond the friendships you’ll make. All of our travellers are automatically enrolled in the NOSTRALE TOUR Tours World Traveler Club after their first tour with us. Membership in the club entitles you to an array of special benefits (including free and discounted tours), which increase each time you travel.

Can I travel at a discount if I organise a group to travel together?

Yes! As a Group Coordinator, you’ll earn a free spot on any land tour by recruiting a group of 6 travelers. We make recruiting easy with customized marketing materials and the support of a dedicated Tour Consultant. Give one of our Group Tour Consultants a call at Skype NOSTRALETOUR for more information.

Do you have a referrer program?

Travellers frequently ignite the spirit of adventure in their friends and families – travel is infectious! Each person you refer to NOSTRALE TOUR will receive $100 off his or her first NOSTRALE TOUR Tour—and if you’ve traveled with us before, you’ll also receive $100 per referral to use toward the next tour you book with us. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, so get ready to spread the travel love.

Can I purchase a tour as a gift?

Yes! To give the gift of travel, you can purchase a tour in full or give a gift card in any amount. Is your recipient already booked on a tour? Make their experience extra special by giving an optional excursion or a trip extension.

Getting in touch

I'd like more information. Who can I talk to?

To learn more about any of our tours, contact one of our Tour Consultants at Skype NOSTRALETOUR Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM PC, and Saturday 9AM-6PM PC. We’d be happy to talk to you about our itineraries, how we can make your travel dreams come true or about international travel in general. If you have already reserved your tour, call Customer Relations at Skype NOSTRALETOUR for any additional information or support.

How can I get in touch with Nostrale Tour outside of office hours in the event of an emergency?

If you have a question or concern that needs to be addressed outside of the regular office hours, please call the customer service line at Skype NOSTRALETOUR.